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The Geno Alissi Group is always about putting the customer first.

All of the principals have hands-on experience as successful senior executives in the high tech industry. They know how to grow revenues, solve real-time problems and achieve targeted profitability because they've done it.

They know the high tech industry from the inside as practitioners as well as through complex challenges working across numerous clients with diverse problems.

The Geno Alissi Executive Group, and the extended additional resources each member brings, presents our clients with exceptional advisory services and search capabilities when needed to benefit our clients. Read more

What does this mean for you?

  • Grounded in exceptional insight into how high tech companies really work

  • The expertise as to what it takes to accomplish successful results today

We provide actionable, realistic strategies, execution plans and leaders who get the results you need to move your business forward. 

Solving Organizational Challenges  

No matter what is getting in the way of achieving success for your company, having the right people in the right place doing the right work is a fundamental requirement.

Without the right leadership, no plan, however brilliant, will succeed...

And it works both ways.

Some executive search clients approach us with specifications for their ideal leader, but it becomes clear to us that the organizational structure or the business strategy would impede success no matter who was placed in the job.

Through advisory services, we can quickly assess your situation, analyze the problems and construct an execution plan to solve the problem.

For other clients, once we have done the assessment and prepared a plan to move forward, it becomes clear that the requisite competencies and experiences are not available in your current leadership team.

Sourcing, placing and mentoring an executive new to an organization in transition is one of our specialties.

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Given our knowledge of your issues acquired through our advisory services, we can place a new executive with a greater success rate, sooner than a search firm without the benefit of our deep understanding of your needs and goals.

"What amazes me is that some companies, 100% high tech services companies, hire senior management with expertise in product companies but no real experience managing services.

And then they wonder what is going wrong.

Advice to senior managers especially when new to a company:

Stay very close to the hiring process.

Don’t assume your management team, including corporate recruiting, understands what your hiring philosophies and values are.

You might find yourself building the same company that your failed predecessor ran."

–Geno Alissi