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Geno Alissi, Founder and Prinicipal of Geno Alissi Executive Group brings over 40 years of general management experience, extensive industry contacts and success in the high tech industry to C-level and senior executive recruiting mandates.

His expertise is concentrated within global high tech companies, primarily within software, solutions and electronic products sector of the unified communication industry. 

With years of experience on the client side of executive search, Geno is deeply experienced in the art and science of successfully hiring key people. He understands the criticality of making the right hire to achieve successful business results. 

Because of his industry experience, Geno is uniquely qualified to help CEO’s, Board members and other senior executives understand where talent acquisition intersects with business strategy.

Geno is especially adept at guiding clients in determining the needs of each position, and finding and engaging the right person for the right job at the right time. 

Geno's industry experience includes VP/General Manager positions at Polycom, Dialogic and Intel. Geno began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation during its heyday.

In all of his leadership positions, Geno grew revenues and margins year after year, and has notable success in transforming services organizations into significant revenue and profit generators.

This background enables him to diagnose the elements, including job structure and executive profile, to achieve and grow profitability.


"When I was running service businesses, I would have to train, and retrain head hunters about the job I was trying to fill and then they still didn’t get it. It was very frustrating and a waste of  my time."

Geno Alissi

"My hands-on experience will
greatly expedite developing a
deep understanding of what the job requires and placing the right person into your company.

Geno Alissi

"Having lived in those jobs,
I recognize the nuance of what works
in diverse corporate cultures and organizational structures. At senior leadership levels, finding the right balance of technical expertise and leadership style
that fits your company requires understanding the job in all of its complexities.

Geno Alissi