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Senior technology leader with over 20 years of diverse hands-on management experience in multiple industries with significant accomplishments in spearheading the application of technology and successfully achieving business objectives. Trusted business partner having a reputation of excellent collaboration amongst multiple functional disciplines; significant operational productivity; and unparalleled service excellence. Tactical planner with a hands-on management style experienced in multi-million dollar budgets, harnessing talent of large internal staffs and outside vendor partners, and completion of complex projects on time.

Capabilities Snapshot:

  • Proven expertise establishing appropriate processes and organizational skills within network operations centers (NOC) and customer facing help desks.
  • Establishing credible team leadership directly and through influence where none existed previously, including vendor management and negotiations.
  • Introduction of third party development resources to provide temporary augmentation.
  • Technical operational risk identification and mitigation.
  • Interim IT management.
  • Complex problem solving skills and will steadfastly drive sustainable corrective actions
  • Strong customer facing communication skills to support business development efforts and instilling confidence to customers during and after critical issue resolution.
  • Possesses real world international experience in the UK, Europe and throughout Asia to successfully navigate cultural differences and establish successful relationships and operations.
  • Fiscally focused when scaling operations to avoid long-term margin erosion and support pricing pressure.
  • Extensive M&A involvement including early strategic fit assessments, comprehensive due diligence, purchase agreement and transition services development and negotiations, synergy plans, integration, TSA creation and execution.
  • Attracted to complex challenging situations and objectives and provide unwavering leadership through the highs and lows of execution.

Recent Roles:

  • Nov. 2010  inVentiv Health
  • Feb. 2012  Chief Information Officer and Vice President
  • Dec. 2006 Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Nov. 2010  Vice President IT, BioPharma Services Division
  • Feb. 2005 Fisher Scientific International
  • Nov. 2006 Vice President Global IT Infrastructure
  • Sep. 1999 Lightbridge Incorporated
  • Jan. 2005 Senior Director of Operations and Information Technology
  • Aug. 1998  SalesLink, Inc. - a division of CMGi
  • Sept. 1999  Director of Systems and Networks 
  • Oct. 1994  Ziff-Davis, Inc.
  • Aug. 1998  Various leadership positions leading to IS Director of Operations

Technical Platforms:

Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Linux, AS/400, IBM Z series, MVS, CA Unicenter, VAX VMS, ALPHA VMS, Tru-64 Unix, DEC VAX, Compaq/DEC Alpha, SUN, Solaris, Novell, Hyperion, Ross, Peoplesoft, Informix, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Intel-based platforms, Macintosh, WAN, TCPIP, Ethernet, Cisco VOIP, Avaya VOIP, Blue Pumpkin, Track-it, HP Openview, e-commerce, Sybase, MS SQL, Iplanet, Weblogics, VMware, Oracle, Solomon, Microsoft .Net, HP PPM, SCRUM, LAMP

Patent 8,154,421: 

Real Time Temperature and Location Tracker