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Michael A. Neligon

Vice President, Operations US, ASPIDER Solutions


An independent supplier of solutions for mobile voice, data, billing, OSS/BSS and core mobile network access as an  Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

Management Consulting


Specializing in Business Strategy, Service Delivery, Sales and Operations. 

Director, Client Management, Operations Group, Comverse Americas

Vice President, World Wide Service and Support, Comverse Networks

(formerly Boston Technology)


An enhanced service platform provider delivering hardware and software applications including voice messaging, speech recognition, and unified messaging.


Vice President, Global Customer Services, Sonus Networks


A leading provider of voice and data infrastructure products for the new public network.


Vice President, Operations, Orange PLC (formerly Wildfire Communications)


A pioneer in the field of virtual-assistant technology and a developer/marketer of speech enabled software.


President, Seascape Ventures, Inc. 


A provider of resource services to assist network and technology providers of advanced services.


IBM ROLM Systems

Advanced through five positions of increased scope and responsibility during tenure from 1979-1989: Project Manager and Senior Project Manager (PBX installations), Installation Operations Manager (supporting large complex customers), Manager of ROLM Systems New Product Trials, and Branch Manager, Boston Metro.